ENEA, ASI, INFN and the Hypatia Research Consortium, in the role of Pivotal Research Organisms (OdRC), in collaboration with SMEs, large companies and another Research Body, have launched the set of “LAerospaZIO” projects funded by the Lazio Region . The grouping of these public and private entities has ENEA as the sole Agent.

The four OdRCs also offer a “Connection Point for Technology Transfer”, a Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) and his substitute, as well as a Technical and Administrative Referent for the management of the Projects.

“LAerospaZIO” aims to support the consolidation of links between universities and research centers, public and private, which hold internationally relevant scientific and technological knowledge and skills in the aerospace sector, increasing the usability of this knowledge by of the regional economic fabric and in particular of SMEs.

The financial resources made available by the Lazio Region to the “LAerospaZIO” Project Set amount to a total of € 3,397,860.00, destined for the subsidy of the 7 Projects that comprise it, all developed within the “Aerospace” Specialization Area. , one of the Priority Areas included in the POR 2014-2020 of the Lazio Region.