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The purpose of the eRAD project is the use of electron sources, available at the INFN-LNF pivotal OdR, to measure the behavior and resistance of electronic components intended to be subjected to radiation in the aerospace environment.

These measures are of considerable importance for estimating the life cycle of electronic devices that will be applied in long-lasting space missions, where electrons of solar (Solar Energetic Particles, SEP) and Jupiter origin can generate damage with reference to ionization doses ( TID, total ionizing dose).

The values ​​and results acquired with these measurements will be compared with homologous measurements made with photons in order to define comparative resistance thresholds and related indicators identified by the project partners (ASI and IMT s.r.l.).

In this way, companies in the aerospace sector, both regional and extra-regional, will be able to have services and technical skills of the highest technological level and compliant with the highest applicable standards, avoiding having to go to similar facilities that are located outside the national territory. .

(Grant € 857,597 – Expense € 1,137,866.65).

Listing Type : Technology Offer
Purpose : Acquisition Agreement, Distribution Services Agreement, License Agreement, Manufacturing Agreement, Subcontracting, Trade intermediary services
Stage of Development : Already on the market

INFN-LNF - B. Buonomo

ASI - R. Carpentiero

IMT s.r.l. - G. Cucinella

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