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The general purpose of the MAGIC project (Enabling Technologies for ALM Manufacturing, Jointing and Control of Aerospace Thrusters) is the development of enabling technologies aimed at the full industrialization of additive manufacturing processes (Additive Layer Manufacturing – ALM) of alloys and super alloys of nickel and copper for the production of aerospace components, complementary joining technologies, with particular focus on laser welding, and certification and qualification protocols through Non-Destructive Testing (CND).
The activity of the Hypatia research consortium in the MAGIC project can be summarized in three technological themes:

1. Optimization of the ALM process with nickel alloys (IN718 / IN625) for the production of weldable half-shells for the external close-out of a combustion chamber.
Pure copper and copper alloys for the realization of the internal part of the combustion chamber characterized by cooling channels.
2. Optimization of the Direct Energy Deposition (DED) additive process of nickel alloys on copper components made of ALM to define the closeout directly on the internal copper part of the combustion chamber.
3. Definition of the surface and thermal post treatments of AM components in Inconel and Copper.
Once the production cycles have been defined, sub-scale mockups will be performed to verify the degree of technological maturity of these processes.

(Grant € 1,093,785 – Expense € 1,627,003.82).

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AVIO - P. Bellomi, A. Cretella, A. Reina

COMEB - G. Terracina, R. Bonifazi

ENEA - M. Battaglia

HYPATIA - M. Zarcone

ASI - M. Pizzarelli

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