Comune Project

The “COMUNE” project, is divided into a Promotion Plan and a Support Plan.

The activities of have also embraced the preliminary collection and selection of the entire partnership, which gathers 12 external parties (11 of which are private) in addition to the 4 Cardine OdRs. The Promotion Plan is divided into the creation of an information and collaboration platform between the partners of all projects and in a series of thematic open workshops dedicated to current and emerging issues of the aerospace sector, a launch workshop for the sharing of operational and management methods of the 6 technical projects, and a final workshop based on the dissemination of the results of the projects, with the involvement of the authorities of the Lazio Region.

The subject of the “COMUNE” project, is also the organization of frequent plenary meetings and the care of the obligations of mandatory advertising. The Support Plan is essentially dedicated to structuring the actions of the LEARs and the Statutory Auditor, so that they can act as an effective glue for the entire partnership and as a tool for an easy budgeting of expenses, with the support of scientific tutors and other representatives of all the OdR Cardine, first of all the OdRC representative.

(Grant 126.308 euro – Expense 126.308 euro).